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Coding incorrectly equals lost revenue. AAPM&R has several resources and educational tools to help physiatrists, billers, coders, and office managers keep up-to-date on the latest PM&R specific coding and billing changes.

The Physiatrist Articles 

AAPM&R has developed a Coding & Reimbursement Tips column in the The Physiatrist to provide you with coding insights. These articles can be used as supportive coding data to appeal insurance denials, validate coding to auditors, train staff and answer day-to-day coding questions. Note: Accurate coding is the responsibility of the provider. These coding article are intended only as a resource to assist in the coding and billing process.

Payer Denials

Members of the Reimbursement and Policy Review Committee (RPRC) and the Health Policy and Legislation Committee (HP&L) have been working for the past year to gather information and vocalize the Academy’s concern about payer denials to Congress and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Learn more and find information to contact us if you have received a denial. 

Coding and Reimbursement Webinars

Throughout the year, AAPM&R sponsors webinars that focus on issues concerning the regulatory, federal, quality, and coding, and reimbursement issues directly related to physiatry.

Template Appeals Letter for Physicians Challenging Denials

Template Appeal Letter for Modifier 25

Medicare Resources

Learn more about Medicare and find resources to help your practice.