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Are you interested in sports medicine, spinal cord injury, occupational medicine, neurorehabilitation or performing arts medicine? If so, a career in PM&R may be right for you.

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Medical Students: Prioritize Your Personal Statement When Applying to PM&R Residency Programs

We recognize that 2020 has been an unprecedented year full of new challenges. Given that medical student rotations have been impacted by COVID-19, we spoke to PM&R residency program directors and they understand that not all well-qualified applicants will have the opportunity to do a PM&R rotation. You may be concerned about what this means when you apply for residency programs.

In the past, your rotation experience and letters of recommendation have been highly valued. While those remain components, residency programs will also be heavily considering your personal statement and other aspects of your application. Without face-to-face interviews, your personal statement is the key to telling your story and helping you shine. Share why you are interested in the residency program and what appeals to you the most. You'll find additional suggestions on crafting your statement in this section.


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  • Medical Student Program at the AAPM&R Annual Assembly—Medical students who attend this program will hear from practicing physiatrists about the diversity of practice environments within the specialty including the clinical, lifestyle, and socioeconomic aspects.

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