Self-Assessment Exam for Residents (SAE-R)

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The AAPM&R Self-Assessment Examination for Residents (SAE-R) is administered annually to residents from more than 90 PM&R residency training programs, representing the United States (including Puerto Rico), Canada, the Philippines, Singapore and Kuwait.

The 150 multiple-choice-question exam is aligned with the ACGME PM&R milestones.  The content outline can be accessed here.  

Future Exam Dates:

  • 2022: Tuesday, January 25 - Monday, January 31
  • 2023: Tuesday, January 24 - Monday, January 30

SAE-R exams are administered online in partnership with Scantron/Castle, Inc. Click here to view the 2021 SAE-R Administration and Policy Manual that outlines the Scantron/Castle Internet-based testing portal and system requirement.

How to Read the Report

Click the links below to learn how to read your report. 

Past SAE-R Score Reports

AAPM&R sends the current year’s score reports to residency program directors who participated in the SAE-R in April. Program directors are responsible for sharing individual resident score results. If you would like to purchase an Individual Resident Score Report or a Residency Program Score Report from a past SAE-R, please email for details.

Please note the following:

  • Individual Resident Score Reports and Residency Program Score Reports will be available in April of the year the exam was administered.
  • AAPM&R cannot provide copies of SAE-R reports before 2005.
  • Because of the confidential nature of residents' SAE-R scores, programs may only receive copies of their overall program reports—not individual residents.

Questions or Need Help?

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